Elopement in Scotland by alternative Wedding Filmmaker

Elopement in Scotland …why?

“Seriously! are yah kidding! have you seen the landscape.”

Elopements in Scotland are a very popular thing. Many people from many different backgrounds are eloping to Scotland. Why? Seriously! are yah kidding! have you seen the landscape. Its not all about the landscape though this could be a massive part of it.

I think most people love the idea of getting married in Scotland on the side of a loch or on a windy hillside because it is them. The couple may love the outdoors and the freedom an elopement creates for their day and themselves. Throw away tradition and go for it!

This is why Jst Married Wedding Films offers an elopement package to make the video more about you and the love you share. If you want to run through long wild grass with a long dancing white dress, you should. If you want to take picnic to a hill top and read you vows to each other you should. So why is Scotland so good for this I thought it was always wet?

Well sometimes it rains, but even if it does its your day your style your way.

Check out our video below of an Elopement in Scotland.

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