New for 2020 we now offer an elopement videography + photography package.

Are you planning a trip to Elope to the Scottish Highlands or going on an adventure to Skye or Iceland? Epic! lets talk. We can’t wait to film your journey.

We love getting to know our couples and theres nothing better than being asking to film or photo an elopement. Its so much more personal and individual. First and foremost your elopement needs to be all bout you guys and reflect you. If you want to walk around a wood or up a path in the highlands with the wind blowing then do it! We would love to be part of it.

We would love to film your day in a cinematic, storytelling style and now we offer some photos too!

Why have photo and video for an elopement? We release on your day you want it to be light hearted and fun and making sure you still get some awesome imagery. For us the video is the main focus and we can take photos around the beautiful locations so you have some epic images to go with your epic video.

If you want the most amazing elopement photos hire a pro photographer (we can recommend some) but if you want a bit of both or can’t stretch the budget for both (videographer and photographer) Lets do this!

Please note we only offer photo extras for elopements.

Before your wild adventure we would love to chat to you about your ideas and your day. We can arrange a Skype chat to talk about your ideas or meet up for a coffee?





“Well I’m a crying mess! YOU LEGENDS! This is so beautifully shot, you captured everything about the day so perfectly. ”



Elopement Videography

2-5min Video • Professional editing and filming • USB drive in wooden box • Drew + Tracy • Video includes full ceremony as separate • Includes travel in Scotland • Optional PHOTOGRAPHY