Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I check your availability or to book?

Easy, just send us a wee email to or Facebook us @jstmarriedweddingfilms.

Once you decide to book we will email you an invoice for deposit (non refundable) and a wedding contract to sign and send back to us usually by email. Thats it your booked in woohoo!

We offer an exclusive amount of wedding films a year so we keep things exciting and fresh so please book us a year or so in advance so your not disappointed.

Why are you different?

We are very passionate about crafting the most cinematic wedding videos we can and always push ourselves with different shots and movements. Drew has an Art Degree so his creative side is very much at the forefront of this business. His time producing videos since 2012 has helped him know what film equipment to use and how. Tracy is also very creative and loves weddings. She sees details happening around her she cant wait to capture. Drew and Tracy have recently completed a Filmmaking Master Class by an industry professional so watch this space!

Why is two Videographers better than one?

To create our high-end videos these day you really need two people. We have lots of equipment to help us capture your day. One operator can be filming whilst the other is setting up mics & cameras for the ceremony. Once the ceremony is a go its best to have our cameras manned to make sure they don’t stop recording during the vows. Otherwise how would you know?

When is the remaining balance due to be paid?

The remainder balance is due no later than 30days prior to the event but you can pay before this time just ask for an invoice to be sent (lots of couples do this for peace of mind).

When will my wedding film be ready?

Depending on the time of year we aim to have your highlight video online around  10-12 weeks after your wedding day for you to share and reminisce on your awesome day. The full wedding video turnaround can be between 10-16weeks. We use professional editing software and editing techniques to produce your video so it takes a little bit of time to get things right.

How long will my video be?

We aim to produce highlights 2-4mins in length with licensed music. Your wedding video length is about 15-20mins which is like a longer highlights film but includes way more awesome footage. You will have your full speeches and ceremony as separate files on your USB stick with little bits included to show your story. Why separate? This allows us to be more creative and make a film you’re excited to share with friends and family after your big day.

When Tracy and I got married our wedding film is about 1hr 30mins in length and showing your Granny or your friend who popped round for a cup of tea its a bit of a marathon for them. Modern wedding videos are about 15-20mins.

Do you film discreetly?

As you can tell from our highlight videos we get involved in your day but we also film discreetly where appropriate. At the ceremony you may not really see us but you will see us when you exit the ceremony and we film the epic confetti shot. One of the most exciting parts of the day for us is to film your video-shoot. We may direct you where to stand, walk or look but most couples do this very naturally. Please don’t worry about being on camera we are very chilled out videographers who make the bride and groom feel conformable and relaxed on the day.

Filmmaker & Photographer

The morning of the wedding we aim to have a friendly chat with your photographer and plan out both our ideas for capturing photographs and video. Our cameras may look the same but both jobs are very different and one location may not work for the other so please remember to allow for enough time for both of us to capture imagery. Most weddings allow 1hr or so for this depending on locations. Again we are very easy to work with.

What locations should we look for for the video-shoot?

A great question. As more and more couples book with us we realise they are after that amazing cinematic storytelling video. Location really helps make this happen. What we look for are beaches, woodland, fields with long grass, walled gardens, Hills and rivers. These amazing locations can turn a wedding film into something much more but please remember to ask permission where appropriate .

How Much is a wedding video?

Check out our packages page to see what we do. Simple.

Do I need to feed you?

That sounds amazing but you don’t need to feed us. We will however take a dinner and pudding if offered thank you.

I have more questions, Just email or Facebook us.

Drone, to the skys!

We have flown many places and hold permission from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and have professional insurance. Please note we cannot fly in towns, city centres or congested areas. If you have any questions about our drone please just ask.

We do not include the drone in our packages, if we think it will add to your film we may fly it or we may not if we think your location would be best with different creative shots.