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Beautiful Real Life Love Stories.

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A naturally inspired wedding film of your big day whether in a tipi, country manor or a field. We film your wedding day and create a beautifully crafted film starting from guests arrival to the first few dances. Filmed in a Cinematic style or Documentary. Highlights + Wedding Film

+ Bridal prep £150

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An immersive story starting from an Engagement video telling the story of two adventurous lovers and how they met. Next is your wedding film, filmed in a Cinematic style. We tell your wedding story by capturing your day with the important moments, people & laughter, The real stuff. Pre - Wedding Video + Highlights + Wedding Film.

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We want too tell your story and remise in the experience and emotion of your special day in the wilds of Scotland or a European rustic setting. We love to capture the rawness of your elopement and the stunning landscape. Wedding Film


Is your wedding in 2021

Please ask for Package details if your wedding is during 2021 or later.

Pre Wedding Film / Engagement Video

Part of our package 2 we offer a Pre Wedding Film. What is a Pre Wedding Film? its a lovely little video showing you both together telling your story so far. The couple in the above video loved to walk their dog so we did! We filmed with them for an afternoon doing what they loved and telling the story of how they met and what they love about eachother.

Elopement Glencoe, Scotland Wedding Film

An adventurous elopement in the Scottish Highlands for a couples wedding film. Fancy Eloping to Scotland? Documenting your elopement by video is a great way to share this intimate day with your friends and family immersed in the landscape with the sound of wildlife and rivers beside you. Tigz and James (above) travelled from London to have their amazing day in the Highlands visiting various places and finishing off with a wee dram in a local pub. Sound good? lets go!


Package Info.

Package 1 Begins from guests arrival at your ceremony (Book bridal prep to add some lovely preparation moments with your bridesmaids in the morning) until a couple of dances after your first dance usually around 8.30pm. We film your full ceremony and speeches with mingling of guests and your couples shoot to add some flare to your wedding video. Package 1 + bridal prep is very popular. Now choose your style – below.

Package 2 Kicks off with a Pre wedding video showcasing both of you before your big day in a short highlights style video (see video below). Then we film your wedding day from Bridal Prep until the first 5 songs/dances from your first dance Usually about 8.30/9pm.  We film your full ceremony, mingling of guests and full speeches.  This package is in our cinematic style, Pre Wedding Video (2-4mins), Highlights (2-4mins) Wedding Film (15-20mins). Now choose your style – below.


Choose your style.

Cinematic Style // A beautifully story telling wedding film crafted with natural light and dynamic shots creating a wedding film around 15-20mins in length. We film your day which can start with bridal prep (if booked) until the first few dances. We then edit your highlights and edit your wedding film. Your Full ceremony and Speeches will be added separately and may be included in short segments during your wedding video. Bridal prep adds lovely moments with the bridal party and adds a great beginning to your day & Story.

Documentary Style  // This is our default style and most popular. This means you get to see your day as it happened on your wedding video. We also create a short cinematic highlights of your day too! Your Full length wedding video may be around 40-80mins dependent on your day. This INCLUDES your full ceremony and full speeches so its all in one video. Your highlights can be around 2-3mins.


We film in a variety of locations all over Scotland such as Stirling, Lanarkshire, Perthshire, Edinburgh, South West Scotland, The Scottish Highlands, Cumbria, Wales, Devon but also willing travel.
Please note we include travel cost within an hour and a half of our base in Biggar, If you are out-with this area that sounds like an adventure! but we may charge for travel and accommodation.

We ask for £250 Deposit for Package 1 and £500 deposit for 2 & 3.


How to we book? Please click the contact us page and send us an email, we cant wait to talk to you about your amazing Cinematic country wedding films.


Myself and Tracy know how crazy it is going through all those suppliers when we got married in 2018. We understand how important it is to keep things as simple and chilled out. Most weddings carry thing same sort of timings and events however lots of our clients do like something different like, smoke bombs, sparkler group photo or running through long grass. Just let us know your ideas.